Bodega, bees and bottles of wine: natural farming at La Alondra Infinita

This update is long overdue, and I apologise for the delay. As usual we have been very busy, but at last we are now seeing, and enjoying, the fruits of our labours and investments over the last year: the wine we drink is the wine we make!

Our natural style of farming

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When we bought the farm in 2009 it had a small woodland in one corner which had been badly damaged by a fire, and many small trees had been cut down for firewood.  Over the last 4 years we restored this area by cleaning out dead wood, by encouraging the native trees to expand and by adding a few specimen trees to add diversification. The woodland is now spreading along the side of an irrigation ditch and it has almost joined up with a newly planted area of acacia trees by our house 125 yards away! In summer, when temperatures are in the late 30’s Continue reading

Our Malbec 2013 Vintage

Falling in love with Malbec

Our Malbec harvestIn September 2010 we planted the first 2 1/2 acres of our vineyard with Malbec vines.

Earlier this year I registered myself as a winemaker with the Argentine licencing authority (Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura) and was granted a licence to make wine and to sell my wine to the public.

In March we harvested our very first crop of grapes which we fermented and then nurtured and fretted over for 6 months. 

The INV inspector recently took samples of our wine for analysis and Continue reading

A Huge Step Forward

As we live in a remote area there is a government funded programme whereby we get free hens so that we can supply our own eggs and chickens.

Our day old chicks arrived in a cardboard box. 5 dual purpose hens (egg layers and broilers for eating) plus 5 cockerels (for eating). Only after a few days they had already grown.

The young chicks explore the world

The young chicks explore the world

We kept them in a box with a heat light whilst  Continue reading